I have enjoyed working with students at several universities. Please see below for my teaching experience. Additional materials including evaluations are available upon request. 



1. Contract Design, UCLA Law (Guest Lecturer)

2. Internet Privacy, ETH Zurich (Teaching Assistant and Guest Lecturer)

3. Law & Economics, ETH Zurich (Teaching Assistant)

4. Experimental Jurisprudence, Yale Law School (Teaching Assistant) (law school seminar)

5. Bioethics & Law, Yale University (Teaching Fellow) (undergraduate law course)

6. Torts, Yale Law School (Coker Fellow) (first year legal research and writing, and tort law)


7. Ethical & Social Issues in Bioethics, Yale University (Teaching Fellow) (undergraduate philosophy course)

8. Infinity, Yale University (Teaching Fellow) (undergraduate philosophy course in logic and language)

Additional Mentoring & Tutoring

Mentor, Outlaws, Yale Law School (LGBTQ+ Law Student Organization2014 – 2018)


Graduate Fellowship Affiliate, Yale Graduate Fellowship Office (Fulbright, Ertegun, Gates, Marshall, Rhodes advising, 2016 – 2018)


Graduate Affiliate, Morse College, Yale (undergraduate student mentoring, 2014 – 2018)


Co-Organizer, Minorities and Philosophy (MAP), Yale (2014 – 2015)


Welfare Officer and Committee Member, St. Hilda's, Oxford (including international and LGBTQ+ advising, 2013 – 2014)

Spanish Language, Rutgers University (individual and small group student-athlete tutoring, 2011)

Mathematics, Rutgers University (individual and small group student-athlete tutoring, 2009-2010)


I was awarded a Yale Prize Teaching Fellowship: "The Prize Teaching Fellowships recognize outstanding performance and promise as a teacher. They are considered among the most important honors that Yale bestows upon graduate students."

Teaching evaluations are available upon request.